A Hubcap of Joy

It’s like it’s Christmas morning! All she wanted as a new hubcap for her car. And look! She got one!!!

Who knew a hubcap could bring so much joy to a person?  I certainly didn’t until last week.

A friend of mine recently bought herself a “new to you” car and absolutely loves it!  She beams each time she talks about her car.  It represents for her a fun, new chapter in her life. 

One day while visiting she was sad to share that someone had stolen a hubcap from her car.  Not all of them.  Just one.  It was so strange and sad.

Well, as her friends we couldn’t just sit by and let her drive around with only 3 hubcaps.  Something had to be done.

Up goes the Amazon app on my phone.  We were resolved to find our friend a new hubcap.  Through the power of algorithms (I have no idea how they work.  But they do control the world.) we found a new hubcap for our friend’s beloved car.  Scheduled for delivery in 8-10 business days.

Just like that.  With a click of a couple of buttons on a phone joy was restored to my friend’s heart.

A simple act of buying a hubcap brought joy to a friend’s face and reminded me the power of community.

Looking out for friends and taking care of each other doesn’t involved grand gestures all the time.  Most of the time is a simple act of listening with one’s ears and heart and meeting a person’s true needs.  It is understanding the person and showing that you do care.

Living the ReSolved disciple life means one listens to learn.  The disciple listens twice as much as he speaks.  He listens with his heart as well as his ears.  It taking the time to truly understand another person.  

During His ministry, Jesus listened to what people were actually asking from Him.  He could heal a person, cure their disease or provide food in a miraculous manner but He always took the time to meet their true needs.  He met them where they were at and truly heard them as they may have never have been before by another person.  

As a result, people were transformed.  They became resolved to tell everyone what Jesus did for them. They couldn’t wait to go and tell everyone!  (Check out the Woman at the Well in John 4)

Here’s a question for you.  Who is someone you can listen to with your heart and ears?  Maybe the barista who makes your coffee in the morning?  A co-worker?  A neighbor?  The server at your favorite restaurant?  The person sitting next you during your commute to work?

I challenge you to be resolved to listen to their words and what is behind them.  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what their ‘hubcap of joy’ is and how you can help get it for them.  

Each person’s ‘hubcap’ will look differently.  Each context is unique.  But each is guided by God Himself so listen and learn.  Remain resolved to serve and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ where ever you are.

It just might be as easy as opening up an app on your phone and clicking a couple of buttons to bring joy to a friend’s face.

This Week’s Challenge: Listen to learn how you can meet someone’s felt needs this week.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to show you someone this week who you can serve and bring a smile of pure joy on their face and in their heart.


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