4 Simple Ingredients An Infinite Number of Possibilities

Water, Hops, Barley, and unknowingly at the time, Yeast.  Four simple ingredients. Over five centuries ago German law makers set the ingredients for all the beer made in their country.  Their original intention was to regulate the demand on barley so a pricing war did not develop between the bakeries and the breweries.  This short-term decision has had a lasting effect on the craft beer industry ever since.  Each beer made has these four ingredients in it.  While over time other ingredients have been added these four remain the base ingredients for beer.

There are a wide variety of beer styles but they each have these four ingredients in them.  Water may vary based on its origin.  The Hops differ according to the flavor profile the brewer wants to achieving.  The Barley changes as the color and malt base is considered.  As a craft beer enthusiast it is quite exciting to see what the imaginations of the brewers craft from them.

The Missional Life Habits (MLH) are similar.  They remain the same for each ReSolved disciple but they play out differently based on the individual disciple and their particular context.

Each ReSolved disciple lives out each MLH in her life as God has called and gifted her. They shape her life and interactions with others. They become natural and begin to influence each aspect of her life.

Each disciple strives to Be Present, Listen to Learn, Serve, Share.  These 4 Missional Life Habits are simple but yet so comprehensive.  They infiltrate our whole beings and help transform us.  As each one of us is created differently we employ the MLH differently.

Just as each craft brewer finds a unique combination of water, hops, barley and yeast producing a new beer, a ReSolved disciple finds her own unique way to live out the MLHs.  Not only for herself but also within her own context. 

The possibilities are endless.  There are as many as there are disciples out living out the MLHs.  As we grow in our faiths and ministries the practical application of the MLHs in our journeys will change.  One will see herself perhaps naturally applying one more then the other 3 but still they all remain.  Helping us reach out to those in our lives with the Gospel and showing how we all have been resolved by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

So the question for you is how can you best live out the MLHs in your life? In your context?

What ways can you be truly present with the people God has surrounded you with?

How are you listening to others to learn about them as a child of God?

In what small ways do you serve someone meeting their true needs?

When are you sharing the Gospel in word and deed with those who have not heard yet for themselves?

The Missional Life Habits are intentionally simple so that they become natural to each of us as we live out the ReSolved disciple’s life.  They can be adapted to fit our own giftings and contexts.  As you go about your daily life look for those moments the Holy Spirit is leading you to put into practice each or all of the MLHs.  Pray for the words to share.  Seek the moments to listen to learn.  Step through the doorway to serve and then share.  

Be not afraid, fellow disciple.  Have courage.  Take comfort in knowing the Holy Spirit is with you always providing the words and opportunities to live questionable lives in the world.

This Week’s Challenge:  Focus on one of the Missional Life Habits this week to look for opportunities to practice and grow in it.  

        • Do you find yourself talking a lot in conversations?  Perhaps focus on Listen to Learn.  
        • Have you found yourself distracted by your devices?  Challenge yourself to put it away and truly Be Present with those you are with.
        • Is there a friend/neighbor in need?  How can you serve them this week?
        • Who has not heard the reason why you love Jesus?  Pray for the opportunity to share it with them.

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