Want to Go On a Treasure Hunt?

This past spring I finally went on my dream vacation.  I visited ireland with my best friend!  For 10 years I wanted to go to the Emerald Island and explore.  To sit in pubs, meeting new people and experiencing the culture was a dream to me.  I Could. Not. Wait.

The original plan was to go after Seminary graduation.  Well, graduation came and went.  Due to many different circumstances the trip did not get planned and put on hold.  

This spring we made the decision to just go.  We booked the non-refundable tickets and the excitement started to build.  Let me tell you it was well worth wait.

One day we explored the village of Howth, along the coast east of Dublin.  The weather was perfect.  We hiked the Cliff Walk and saw some great views along the way.  I was in heaven!

A scenic overlook at Howth, Ireland

Isn’t that view incredible?  I wouldn’t mind living there one day.

For lunch we found a quaint eatery in town.  The restaurant featured fresh seafood in a relaxed environment.  While waiting for our food to arrive I looked up at one of the walls and saw this sign.

Some great advice from a sign in a quaint restaurant in Ireland.


Isn’t it great?

I don’t know about you but there are definitely days that I need to hear these words.  So much so it is the background on my watch.  It’s a nice daily reminder on those not so great days.

Days like the one I spent in Howth are not only good days but INCREDIBLE days.  However, some days are not so great.  To survive the day can be considered a success.  Am I right, or am I right?  Regardless of what the day brings there is always something good in it. 

Our God is a loving God Who loves us unconditionally.  He journeys with us each day, on the perfect days and not the so great days.  He knows and feels our joys and pains.  The best part He shows us how He loves us every day.  It is like a little treasure hunt every day!

When we wake up in the morning we get to go out on our adventure searching for the joy He has planned for us.  Some days it is a sign of His great love.  Other days we are reminded how He provides for our daily needs.  Still other days He gives us a glimpse of how He works through us to reach out to others.

While the Israelites, God’s chosen people, were wondering in the Wilderness before going into the Promised Land God provided them with manna (literally means “What is this?” It was like coriander that they ground up and baked into cakes). They picked up what they needed for the day (twice as much the day before the Sabbath) knowing full well God will bring more the next day.  It was a daily blessing from God to them.

Go read Exodus 16:1-5 to see it for yourself.  You’ll see without fail every day there was manna on the ground with the morning dew to provide nourishment for all of God’s children. 

So be resolved to go about your day today to find your own manna from Heaven.  How is God taking care of you?  What is the good in your day?

It’s pretty fun to go on a new treasure hunt each day.  I love not knowing just how God is leaving manna in my life and then discovering it at some point during the day.  Happy hunting!!!

This Week’s Challenge:  At the end of each day, write down in your journal how your day went.  Was it a great day?  A not so great day?  

Next write down the good in the day.  How did God show His love?  How did He work through you to show love to someone else?

Give God all the glory and praise.  Thank Him for His loving grace and mercy. 

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