Learning to Imagine Again

Imagine the world where people do what they say, live according to their values, be who they say they want to be. Imagine the church was known for its people and not its building. 

Imagine.  Just imagine.

Most of my life has been spent in the church either as a member or on staff in some capacity or another.  I have been a part of large congregations with a ginormous staff.  I have been a part of churches with less than a dozen people. One could say I have seen it all. 

Been there done that. Even got the t-shirt.

Through all of my experiences I have come to this conclusion we in the church have lost our imaginations along the way.

Whether it is out of fear or comfort for the way things are we lost the ability to dream big.  Lost our way to trust God’s leadership and dare to see where He is taking us.

Sure we can say with confidence that God created the world by speaking. We don’t doubt that God rolled back the Red Sea so His people, the Israelites, could walk on dry land before their enemies, the Egyptians could catch them.  We have no doubt that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead three days later. 

These and other miracles we know to be true.  The impossible is possible with God.  But when it comes to our own lives we stop imagining the possibility of the impossible. We say it can’t happen.  The impossible are things that God does in the Bible or in someone else’s life, with another congregation.  Those things don’t happen to us or our church.

What if God has already given us the impossible in our hearts?  Maybe He is waiting for us to imagine the what if with Him?

Perhaps He is waiting for us to step into the wheelbarrow and let Him take us across the chasm on a tightrope. 

God is mighty and can do all things.  Nothing is impossible with Him. He invites us to journey with Him.  He asks us to trust Him, to hold His hand and see the great things He is doing. 

What would it look like if we stop trying to keep God in a box and start imagining what God could do?

Imagining is not saying it will happen.  It is about opening our hearts to what is possible. It is placing God front and center as the Lord Almighty of our lives. 

It does mean we will have to leave our personal comfort zones.  We will have to step out in faith and trust God. A wise person once told me that there is no growth in comfort and no comfort in growing.   It will be uncomfortable at times but the adventure is incredible.

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ requires us to surrender our personal will for control and allow God to lead us.  We follow Him.  He guides us along the way as He teaches us how to imagine once again. 

Over the next few posts we will look at what it truly means what to be a disciple, follower of Jesus Christ. We’ll learn from the Gospel of Matthew on how to follow and obey.  As we learn from Jesus’ own disciples we will begin to see in our own lives our imaginations begin to grow again. 

And just imagination what God will do when we all begin to imagining again, trusting God fully, surrendering ourselves to Him.  It’ll be a whole new world.

This Week’s Challenge — Take time this week to imagine dreams God has already placed in your heart.  Listen closely to what the Holy Spirit is telling you.  Write/draw/sing/doodle those dreams and each day watch what God is doing. 

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