Stepping with the Holy Spirit

“If we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” (Galatians 5:25)

This has been a transformative journey together exploring what it truly looks like to pray the petition, “God, Your Will be done”. On the surface it appears we are ‘giving permission’ for God to move in this world. As sense of letting go and giving space for God to lead us.

As we have dug deeper we have learned that God is already moving. His Will is being accomplished, even if we do not see it with our own eyes. What we are asking in this prayer is for us to be used by God to achieve His Will.

How God responds to us in by sending the Holy Spirit to guide along God’s path. Those times we may grow tired the Holy Spirit is there to give us rest and then pick us up when it’s time to serve. When we are discouraged the Holy Spirit sends us reminders showing us some of the fruits of ministry.

Paul, the writer of the letter to the Galatian people teaches them, and us, the importance of keeping in step with the Holy Spirit because the Spirit transforms us from the inside out. We are no longer burdened with the things of this world. Instead, we live freely in God’s grace.

So how do we keep in step with the Holy Spirit?

First, we listen to the Holy Spirit by reading the Bible. We recognize God’s Voice with more ease when we routinely hear it.

Next we look to see what God is doing around us. We note what doors of ministry open. We see who God places in our lives to become friends and serve.

Keeping in step with the Holy Spirit is a daily discipline which requires our humble hearts to follow and obey.

Be not afraid fellow disciple (student) of Jesus Christ. Be excited to see the awesome things God is including you in.

Each day take one step with the Holy Spirit. Walk into the opportunities God presents you. If you get nervous remember God is in control. He’s got it covered. You have nothing to worry about.

Go out, disciple of Jesus. Step in the footsteps of the Holy Spirit. Serve where God places you. See all the great things being accomplished according to His Will.

This Week’s Challenge

In your devotional time not where the footsteps of the Holy Spirit are leading you. What ministry opportunities is God giving you today?

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