Share Your Story: Acts 22

“For you are to be his witness, telling everyone what you have seen and heard.”

Acts 22:15

Paul made it safely back to Jerusalem.  Once home he speaks to the Jewish leaders sharing his own faith story.  From the time of his conversion on the road to Damascus to his missionary trips. The leadership did not like what they heard and had him whipped.  During this time Paul states he is a Roman citizen thus clearing the way for him to be taken to Rome for a trial.

Paul going to Rome which at that time was the ‘capital’ of the world was an opportunity to share the Gospel even further around the world. 

I think part of what made Paul’s testimony so powerful is he shared from his heart his own experience with Jesus Christ.  Here we read how Paul told the leadership how Jesus reached him on that road to Damascus.  Paul shared how his life was completely changed from that moment forward. 

His passion remained but now it’s focused on Jesus.  His powerful teaching remained but now shared the Gospel of Jesus. 

In our own lives God asks us the same thing. We are to tell everyone what we saw and heard.  We simply tell of our own experience with Jesus. We do not need to go to college to get a fancy degree in order to do it.  We do not need to change who we are in order to share.

If you are a good storyteller you can write your own faith story to tell to others.  

If you are creative visually imagine a way to share your own faith story visually.  It can be posted as a social media post. Or as a painting/sculpture/photograph. 

Perhaps you are a tradesperson.  How can you ply your trade in a way that opens the door to share your faith with another?

God is not seeking to change the essence of who you are when you begin your faith journey. God created you uniquely so that you can share you faith story uniquely as you.

You are a witness to Jesus. As a witness you simply share what you experienced as only you can. 

Now here’s that pretty cool part, God is going to surprise you along the way.  I don’t think Paul foresaw himself going to Rome in his lifetime. But here he is going.  As he is there he is able to saw the Gospel to people who will bring it back to nations and cities Paul would never go to himself.

In your life God will surprise you in opportunities to share your faith story.  You do not know right now where God is going to lead you and what ministry doors will open before you.  Continue to be open to how God is leading you.  Keep trusting God to give you the words to share as the opportunities arise.

You can be resolved in being a witness because God has resolved you by His grace alone. Simply share.

This Week’s Challenge

Share with a friend this week the time you knew you loved Jesus with your whole self.

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