A Thread Runs Through It: Acts 25

“Then Festus, when he had conferred with his council, answered, “To Caesar you have appealed; to Caesar you shall go.” Acts 25:12

Well, here it is.  Paul is going to Rome.  Through our study of Acts and following Paul’s journeys there has been a sense that it is has all been coming down to this point.  Paul was growing in influence in the Christian world.  He was helping entire cities around Jerusalem & surrounding lands transform.

Now he is going to the very city that will reach the ends of the Earth, Rome. 

Remember back in Acts 1 when Jesus told the Disciples that they will be His witnesses in Jerusalem (local city), Judea (local region), Samaria (local country), ends of the earth.  Paul followed this progression in his ministry and each of his journeys.  With his going to Rome he is connecting with the ends of the Earth.

You see at this time Rome was the leading city of the world.  The Roman Empire held strong control over other nations.  It had constructed a widespread road system to help transport goods from foreign lands.  This road system also assisted missionaries, such as Paul, to travel to different cities.

Paul is given the opportunity to be in Rome while waiting for trail and continue preaching & teaching.  The people he connects with would then return to their own home towns with the Gospel to begin churches themselves.

Throughout Paul’s life God had a plan.  One life experience led to another which led to another learning experience. It was as a thread running through the fabric of Paul’s life connecting it all together.

The same is true in our own lives.  Taken individually life situations may not seem to make sense. We may think God is not listening to what we have to share or simply ignoring us. Rather, when we take a step back we can begin to see the thread of God running through our own lives. We begin to see how things are connected.

Take a look at your life.  Study the various events, key moments in your life to see how they are connected, how they each prepared you for future experiences.

God has a hand on your life through it all. He has been preparing you each step of the way. It may not have seemed that way up close but take a step back.  See the small connections that act as the thread preparing you.

See, God did not stop sending out His followers with Paul.  God continues today to send people who follow Him to their towns, countries, the ends of the world. God is sending you out into your community to share your story with Jesus.  And God has been preparing you for this time.

After spending time studying Paul’s own faith journey be encouraged. Remember how the Holy Spirit gave Paul the words to share in each town.  Recall the courage Paul received the times he faced opposition. 

God prepared you for this moment. Go out and share with joy.

This Week’s Challenge

Create a timeline of key moments, learnings from your life.  Step back to see the thread God ran through it all preparing you to share the Gospel in your life.

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