Acts 8: Follow On the Adventure

“The Spirit told Philip, “Go to that chariot and stay near it.”

Acts 8:29

So far in our study of Acts we have seen the disciples going here & there sharing the Gospel.  They were led by the Holy Spirit to go out from Jerusalem to neighboring cities & countries. Today we follow Philip on his journey of sharing the Gospel.

He was sent by the Holy Spirit to go south on a road away from Jerusalem.  The reason why was not first explained but Philip did learn quickly on his trip the reason. He met a man from Ethiopia who was studying the Scriptures. Philip stopped and asked if he was understanding what he was reading.  From this question a conversation about the story of Jesus began ending in the Ethiopian man being baptized as a sign of his new faith in Jesus. 

Being led by the Holy Spirit is an adventure. We do not always know the ‘why’ as we start out.  We are asked by God to trust and follow.  As we journey along over time we see the ‘why’, either in full or in part. God has a purpose for us as part of His Plan. We cannot see the full picture but we can see the pieces of the puzzle that are directly connected to us.  

Philip models for us the willingness to go where God leads. He starts out on the road not sure where he will end up but once he sees the man on the road studying the Scriptures he understood what God had for him to do that day.  As their conversation began the words were given to Philip to share with the Ethiopian man so as the Gospel can be received openly.

In our lives God has us go and do things we may not understand immediately as to why.  We know it is God sending us in a variety of ways.  It can be gut feelings that simply don’t go away.  It can be studying the Scriptures ourselves when a verse pops out at us and the next step becomes clear.  It is in our prayers with God when a thought becomes clear.  A passion from within us grows bright that cannot be denied.

As you travel along your journey with Jesus note the times God is leading you.  What are the gut feelings you have?  Trust God’s leading and follow on the adventure. 

When you study the book of Acts note the times you can relate to the disciples as they are led by God.  Pray to God asking what God is leading you to do, teaching you in the moment.  Then trust that where God leads us the Holy Spirit will give you the courage to serve & the words to share.

Being a follower of Jesus Christ we are on an adventure with God.  We will see amazing things, experience incredible moments.  While we do not always understand the ‘why’ right away we trust God fully. 

So this week, follow God’s leading.  That gut feeling you have that just doesn’t seem to go away, pray to God what you are to do.  The conversation you just know you need to have know the Holy Spirit will give you the words to share at just the right time.  Follow along on the adventure ready for the experiences that await you.

This Week’s Challenge

As you go about your week note the nudges you get to have a conversation or go somewhere.  Pray to ensure it is from God.  Then go & do as God leads.  Afterwards look to see how led you on this part of the adventure.