Learning to See from a Whole New Perspective

Take a look at the doodle.  What do you see? . . . .  

Learning to change your perspective
What do you see in this doodle?

Now look at it again. Focus on a different aspect of it.  

What do you see?  Is it different from your first glance of the doodle?

I began doodling crazy patterns like this one WAY back in high school.  Being bored in class can lead to some interesting discoveries of hidden talent within yourself.  In order to stay awake in class day in and day out I would doodle.  Twenty plus years later I am still doodling and still discovering new patterns. (Disclaimer: Now it is not out of boredom but as a way to brainstorm and stay focused in meetings.)

The biggest takeaway from all of these doodles (I have a notebook that I keep all of them in) is how you can look at a pattern from one angle and see certain aspects of it.  Then you look at the very same pattern from a different angle and completely new aspects begin to pop out.  Crazy!

These lessons also apply to discipleship.  When one becomes a ReSolved disciple of Jesus Christ the world and the people around him begin to look completely different.  They have not changed at all.  But his perspective, or the lenses he sees them through, has changed. 

No longer do the quick judgments come and go without a thought but they may still come and one is aware of the judging and does his best to repent and do better next time. Instead of keeping to one’s self there is more of a willingness to go meet someone across the room and start a conversation.  Seeing a need in the community and the joy to be used by God to meet the need.

You begin to focus on different things because you are beginning to see the world as God sees the world. 

The chorus from “Give Me Your Eyes” by Brandon Heath beautifully illustrate this change:

Give me your eyes for just one second

Give me your eyes so I can see,

Everything that I keep missing,

Give your love for humanity.

Give me your arms for the broken-hearted

The ones that are far beyond my reach.

Give me Your heart for the ones forgotten.

Give me Your eyes so I can see.

Changing one’s perspective can be scary.  You don’t always know what to expect.  You are out of your comfort zone, unaware of what is coming next. But isn’t that the exciting part?  That’s where the adventure lies. This is where faith truly begins.  

ReSolved disciples are daily being transformed, changed from the inside out, by the Holy Spirit. Their perspective on themselves, their community and the world changes.  We are given a glimpse to seeing the world as how God sees it.  It is not a lot but boy does it change our entire perspective!

The ‘doodles’ we have seen in our lives previously are now seen from a different perspective.  Our hearts become broken for people or situations that may not have impacted us previously.  We become passionate for new things.  We are forever changed and therefore have a permanent new outlook on life and people. 

So as you go about your day today note how the world looks different to you.  Pray to see the world as God sees it.  Be ready to be amazed.  The new perspective just may change you in ways you never thought possible.  But have no fear God is with you always.  Just follow in His footsteps and take in the new views.   

This Week’s Challenge:  What is one area that God has changed your perspective since becoming a ReSolved disciple?  Journal how you used to perceive that thing/person and specifically how God has changed your perspective. Now what will you do being aware of this transformation?

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